Our Guests Tell Us...

"Absolutely great"
"With much thanks for all the care you have given us throughout our stay."
"I came laden with sorrow and the load became lighter. I felt safe and protected and I leave with a glow, a sense of serenity and peace."
"A haven of warmth and hospitality. Many thanks."
"I've had a wonderful time here with supportive tutors and excellent food. My first time here has left a lasting impression!"
"Many thanks for a wonderful experience.  What a beautiful house.  The staff are marvellous."
"This very special place always delivers.  A privilege to stay here as always"
“It is such a treat to be away from the telephone, the TV, the menu planning, the washing up and there’s no-one needing a clean shirt.”
"A beautiful Christmas - in every way.  Thank you"
“We all love the tasty comfort food and it does help us feel looked after”