Our Guests Tell Us...

"What an absolute treat it is to spend time here at this beautiful Hall. The peaceful setting and friendships made here will stay in the memory for a long time."
"A lovely place and we have many happy memories of church weekends there"
"Beautiful place, lovely food.  God touched us all in profound ways"
"My first visit.  What a treat.  God is Good.  Thank you all"
"A feast of delight in every respect. Thank you."
"Arrived frazzled, left peaceful again.  Thank you"
“I appreciate the homely atmosphere, the good food and the fellowship.  It is that sense of relaxation that comes upon you when driving towards the Hall – the roads get narrower and the anticipation builds until you arrive – wonderful!”
“We have always been delighted with everything provided and the weekend is a definite highlight in our church life.”
"What a glorious location in sunshine and snow! Far away from the city, a place of peace to be returned to. Thank you."
"As close to heaven on earth as is possible - I think!  Wonderful in every way"