Thought for the Day No. 2

Thought for the Day No. 2

From our Chaplain, Canon Graham Bettridge

Thought for the Day, or swimming at Tenby Bay

Watching the competing swimmers battle with the turbulent seas of the Tenby Bay I realised Wild Water Swimming is worthy of its name.  I could hardly avoid the spray of the breakers.  The current buffets and takes them where it will, strength and training are needed and a constant wakefulness and sensitivity of response becomes second nature to the intrepid swimmer.

I recalled a poem, ‘The Sea of Faith’, by James McLain.

The Sea of Faith paints the soul as a little boat launched out on to the uncertain journey of life with the buoyancy of faith as our comforter and guide.  Whatever may befall and how large the waves may appear we will never be swamped.

\This week our faith invites us to enter undaunted into the disturbing events of Passion Tide.

Real life, like real waves, cannot avoid pain of anxiety but we emerge stronger as we learn to turn fear into opportunity and anxiety into trust.

We are offered a firm sense of direction responding to the unseen changes that would sink us along our way. The journey of the swimmer takes advantage of the buoyancy and so the Sea of Faith offers us that same sense of buoyancy that will bring us saetly into our final haven of peace.

Graham Bettridge

Thought for the Day No. 2

31 March 2020