Thought for the Day No. 3

Thought for the Day No. 3

Holy Week, April 2020

In a Garden  

Faith Hope and Love

Bishop Lancelot Andrews a great scholar and preacher,  was the lead translator of the King James Bible; he lived in fascinating times and preached a sermon at the discovery of the Gun Powder plot. He conjured the picture of Mary in the garden when she mistook the Risen Christ to be the Gardener to have been both right and wrong at the same time.

Our Lord is both gardener and creator. In the Bedford book of hours the illuminated ‘A’ at the naming of the new month is a painting of the gardener in a red hessian apron going forth with an apple tree over his shoulder, an act of faith for generations to come (apple and blackberry pies) in another garden of our creative mind stimulated by the spring of hope, is created fine music, rich painting, wonderful poetry.  And Love that holds us together and makes sense of the unevenness of life that like a plant helps us grow stronger in adverse conditions than we ever do in unfraught moments.

The steady heart beat of creation, constant and assumed is listened for with heightened hope in this time of concern and uncertainty.  The Christian faith is honed in uncertainty and demanding moments, our faith is tested and tried at times fearful at times resolute and we walk as Our Lord did. With the companions of Faith despite doubt, (the cry from the cross-why hast thou forsaken me); with Hope, the final cry from the cross (it is accomplished).  The third companion for us as for Our Lord is the Love that costs, that gives added value to everything humans try to do.  The risks the service of each other the walking in dangerous places for others.

Here your life and mine, the life of the world, is a great garden tended by us in cooperation with Our Creator and wholeness and a sharing with all creatures great and small.

Thought for the Day

Graham W Bettridge

Parcevall Hall