Thought for the Day No. 4

Thought for the Day No. 4

Thought for the Day 4

A new and living way

Just a Walk

We welcome at Parcevall Hall ‘ramblers’; they meet three times a year, Spring Summer and Winter, and ramble with packed lunches and professional guides.  Usually a talkative lot they go out in all weathers uncomplainingly. Those who wish set the day with a prayer and have an option of completing their return with another small service of prayer and thanksgiving.

In between both long distance walkers and shorter distance, folk discover new things about themselves and each other, the world around them, find new thoughts, new ideas and make new friends and meet new challenges. 

For walking, the oldest of activities, absorbs not only miles but also absorbs our minds and gives wing to our ideas.  The unexpected and unprepared for can suddenly confront us. A mundane conversation can touch a deep chord in our hearts and minds.  Bound up in our own anxieties and regrets we can be blind for a time to the new and present opportunities and graciousness of life. Recollect the Walk to Emmaus, presented to us by a physician who knew the foibles and frailties of our human lives.

A singular clarity in the canals of Venice, fish, now visible beneath the surface, some in shoals.

The air we breathe fresh, nearly as pure as before the invention of the internal combustion engine.

A clear sky, no vapour trails of mighty jets. We are told visibility from space is enhanced. 

Yet, and yet we feel and comprehend the new hesitancy in the sure footed human beings we were.   We have been shorn of the secure, familiar foliage that protected and hid so much of us; dawn has broken in another Eden. A creative beckoning to a future where worth and values will be redefined. An Eden we shall make our own, through faith, in a new and living way.

May God be with us all

Graham W Bettridge

Hon Chaplain Parcevall Hall