Thought for the Day

Thought for the Day

So that we can ‘stay in step and in touch with one another’ , our chaplain, Canon Graham Bettridge, has written this today, for shared contemplation in place of our service of Holy Communion which would normally be held tomorrow at 10.15am.

Please pass this on to anyone you would like to share it with.


Thought for the Day
24th March 2020

‘Some years ago I went on a course to Glasgow University, it was lead by  architectural  and  theological professors amongst other.

The theme was Holy Space and we spent  time going around the great churches of Glasgow with their different interpretations of what ‘Holy Space’ meant and what messages it gave us about the identity of the worshippers of the time and  their view of view of the living Lord. 

It was a lesson in differences from the round church (very modern at the time-but which in use proved to be exclusive in its roundness) and the great Egyptian style monument to the wealth of the tobacco trade (in Scotland the Egyptian period lasted for much longer than it did in England (the tomb of Tutankhamen inspired this work).

Space, however expressed, leads to a dynamic response: the Salt Market Chapel in its grandeur spoke of a sailors’ haven where for a time they felt secure.

Space on a stage commands our attention and gives to the actors another dimension.  Space gently furnished speaks of its creator.  The very space around us we call ‘our  space’ and it is precious, a space to be ourselves is intimate and holy, we make space for the quiet voice of God. As He invites us to enter His space, we find peace. 

Space is to be to day, we are told, the distance between us to allow freedom from fear for all.

Space is to be found within us and without. Parcevall Hall can be for us a space of a virtual pilgrimage until we can return.’

Graham W Bettridge
Hon Chaplain
23 March 2020

Each Tuesday I am trying to produce a Thought for the Day…just to keep us in step and touch with one another.

Please pass this on to those who may appreciate Parcevall.